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The Great War

Letters and Diaries of a South African family 1913-1920

by John Stanford

From 1913 to 1920, the Molteno-Murray family published a private journal called  "Chronicle of the Family". It appeared three times a year, providing news of the family scattered throughout South Africa, Britain, and Kenya - a means, as one of the editors put it, "of preventing the younger members growing up strangers to each other." When war was declared in 1914, the Chronicle began to include letters from family serving in the military and medical corps in diverse contexts, including the war fronts in German East Africa and South West Africa, the trenches of France,and naval battles. News from home continued with accounts of life on a Karoo farm, a horse trek in Basotuland, a leftist political rally in London, and reminiscences of older family members.

ISBN 9780986979156 | 250 pages | 210 x 148 mm | B/W Illustrations | 2020 | Mvusi Books , South Africa | Paperback




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