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Migration in a Globalizing World

Perspectives from Ghana

edited by John Kwasi Anarfi, Alhassan Sulemana Anamzoya, Geraldine Adiku

Migration has assumed growing significance in the global development agenda as its potential for economic and social development is increasingly acknowledged. Within the Africa context, perceptions of migration as a negative phenomenon have shifted to recognition of its central role to Africa’s transformation. Despite this shift, emerging migration  dynamics have not been adequately contextualized and conceptualized, making it difficult to integrate migration into development planning processes. This book attempts to fill the gaps in migration knowledge production, particularly from the perspectives of researchers in the global south and more specifically from Ghana. The chapters provide multi disciplinary perspectives in the contemporary migration landscape in Ghana and Africa. Rather than focus on migration as a problem to be solved, the chapters explore migration as an intrinsic part of the broader processes of structural change in Ghana, which could create opportunities for development if properly harnessed. This reader is an essential resource for migration and development researchers, students, policy makers, practitioners and others interested in the field of development.

ISBN 9789988882914 | 274 pages | 234 x 156 mm | 2018 | Sub-Saharan Publishers, Ghana | Paperback




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