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A Cradle of the Revolution

Voices from Inyathi School: Matabeleland, Zimbabwe 1914-1980

edited by Pathisa Nyathi, Marieke Clarke

A Cradle of the Revolution is a compelling book of stories by former Inyathi School students in the period before Zimbabwean independence. The stories render moving accounts of evictions in the colonial period, conditions at Inyathi school, and in particular the leadership qualities of Kenneth Maltus Smith, who was the school head.

After leaving Inyathi school, many of the student participated in the struggle for independence. The book is an expose of the colonial conditions and efforts to dislodge colonialists and usher in independence and dignity for the black majority.

ISBN 9780797492509 | 234 pages | 210 x 148 mm | 2018 | AmaGugu Publishers, Zimbabwe | Paperback




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