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Zimbabwe. Injustice and Political Reconciliation

edited by Brian Raftopoulos, Tyrone Savage

International debate on Zimbabwe’s recent history and present political crisis is heated: some Zimbabweans have called on South Africa to influence political change in their country; South Africa stands accused of responding to the Zimbabwe crisis in relation to its own agenda; and western pressure on Zimbabwe to address the human rights and humanitarian conundrum is heavily compromised by historical legacy, particularly by Britain’s role in conquest and post-colonial dominance. Amidst these debates, it is importance that the insights and perspectives of Zimbabweans are heard.

Zimbabwe: Injustice and Political Reconciliation brings together an array of commentators who chart patterns of historical injustice and consider a range of options for what may be termed a politics of justice and reconciliation, with the ultimate goal of sustainable peace. Justice is explored as an inclusive, restorative process. Reconciliation is understood as a political strategy to build civic trust, a human rights culture and economic transformation. The contributors stress the need for careful thought, listening, generosity of spirit and courageous action. Equally, they demand concrete goals, and a pragmatic approach that views reconciliation as the only alternative to more authoritarianism and violence in the face of a violent and divided history.

The collection of papers was originated by The Institute for Justice and Reconciliation in South Africa, which worked for a period of some eighteen months to facilitate debate amongst a group of Zimbabwean scholars, analysts and activists to outline a principled and pragmatic way forward for the country.

The contributors, from Zimbabwe and South Africa, include Robert Muponde, Karin Alexander, Brian Kagoro and James Muzondidya.

ISBN 9781779220394 | 320 pages | 216 x 140 mm | 2005 | Weaver Press, Zimbabwe | Paperback




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