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Diary Notebook

Women Politicians/Parliamentarians of Zimbabwe

by Joyce Jenje-Makwenda

The Diary Notebook celebrates many unsung heroines among women of Africa in the field of politics, leadership, sport, media, art, sculpture, activism, business entrepreneurship, and education. It celebrates women from all sphere of life who make changes in their communities or countries, and who by so doing, inspire other women. The Diary challenges media stereotypes which see women as recipients of services, rather than providers of services. It is written in a simple way, it is entertaining and informative, and can be enjoyed while jotting an appointment, thus also encouraging the culture of reading. The Women Politicians/Parliamentarians Diary Notebook chronicles the journey of women politicians since the 1800 to today. Some of the women featured are Modjadji, Nehanda, Lozikeyi, Muriel Rosin, Ruth Chinamano and most of the politicians and parlaimentarians during the Government of National Unity 2008. We should use as many ways as possible to document the histories of women for posterity and also disseminate stories. 

ISBN 9780797462595 | 234 pages | 229 x 152 mm | 2017 | Joyce Jenje Makwenda Collection Archive, Zimbabwe | Paperback




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