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There Was Another Country

Popular Resistance, Resurrection or Betrayal of a People

by John W. Forje

In this comprehensive, well-reasoned, critical, richly documented and boldly argued account on the Anglophone/Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia crisis, John Forje, a foremost scholar of identity politics in Cameroon, offers insightful explorations and explanations of histories and cultures of telling truth to power that have come to be associated with the people of the English-speaking region of Cameroon. The book offers realistic perspectives for the reinstitution of justice, equality, and democratic governance in a country of plenty but lavishing in endemic underdevelopment. Forje argues, among other things, that the current Anglophone crisis is the exhibition of one reality: that more than half-a-century after independence and unification, most Cameroonians are grossly disillusioned with their leaders. The country has had only two presidents since independence - Ahmadou Ahidjo and Paul Biya, with the latter occupying the presidency for 40 years since 1982 and counting. If something concrete is not undertaken now, the cleavages of division would widen to a dangerous end. Dark clouds hang over the future of the country. Uncertainty about national unity and stability is hardly a solid foundation for a country aspiring to be an emerging polity by 2035. There is an urgent need for a broader dimension of political dispensation in Cameroon. The book calls for proper soul-searching, critical analysis, and a new, comprehensive and visionary mindset to build a new country out of the ashes of the existing crumbling or failed polity. The need to re-rail Cameroon on the democratic train and on the path of sustainable development cannot be overemphasized.

ISBN 9789956552382 | 680 pages | 244 x 170mm | 2021 | Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon | Paperback




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