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The Zionist Churches in Malawi

History - Theology - Anthropology

by Ulf Strohbehn

This book presents an African Christian movement full of vitality and creativity. The reader will meet believers who drink milk so that they may dream about angels, reports about funerals where the mourners dance with the coffin on their shoulders and church members who are ritually not allowed to fertilize their fields or wear neck ties. The author's unique insight into Malawi's Christian community addresses important issues in society. Why have 'Spirit Churches,' including Pentecostalism, been so successful in Malawi? Why do some religious groups still refuse medical help, up to the point that children die of cholera? How did the independent churches deal with the colonial trauma? In this masterful portrait, Strohbehn takes the reader from industrial mine compounds to rural colonies, where churches have set up their own spiritual and political rule. He carefully dissects the fine lines between traditional notions and Christianity's influence. We find a spiritual portrait of the Ngoni people, a fascinating cultural analysis of dancing and an encounter with a unique style of preaching.

ISBN 9789996045165 | 566 pages | 210 x 148 mm | 2016 | Mzuni Press, Malawi | Paperback



“Strohbehn’s African perspective on Malawian migrant workers and their experience of Zionism brings out a new understanding of what ministers are facing today.”

Prof. Maake Masango, University of Pretoria



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