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The Yawning Earth


by Wellington Nwogu

Verses in Wellington Nwogu's The Yawning Earth envelope the reader with frissons of delight with its lyrical abundance and nutmeg, like Niyi Osundare's sublimating redolent tonalities, opening a chapter of personal cogitations and societal woes that elicit self scrutiny. Here is a solid voice out of the fringe of Nigerian poetry that is bound to compel attention.

-Henry Alcubuiro, The Sun Newspaper.

The Yawning Earth often echoes the beauty of Niyi Osundare's poetry in its springlike flow...which says much about Nwogu's progress as a young poet who should, at the very least, be taken notice of.

-Anaele Ihuoma, Author, Imminent River.

In vibrant metaphors woven into a tapestry of rhythmically lean language, Wellington's The Yawning Earth brings out a fresh poetics voicing out the dystopia that has engulfed the land. The poems bristle with anger and hunger for a world that must be rescued from its downhill journey to the abyss. Nwogu's offering in this collection announces that he is indeed a young poet to look out for in the maze of Nigerian contemporary poetry.

-Denja Abdullahi, Former President Association of Nigerian Authors.

The Yawning Earth is an impressive lyric that portrays that clamour that hurts and screams with the soul...

-Robinson Alexis Vera, Knight of Verses. Chilean, Poet.

ISBN 9789785494525 | 128 pages | 210x148 mm | 2022 | Purple Letters Publishers, Nigeria | Paperback




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