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The Wrath of the Gods

Collected Boyhood Works. Volume One

by Udenta O. Udenta

The Wrath of the Gods, a mature work of social and magical realism, tells a poignant tale of hatred between two neighbouring communities, Isiagu and Ememu, driven by men’s ego and unthinking clamour for individual glory, which eventually led both parties down the path of disobedience of malevolent spirits and resulting into a general, undiscriminatory, unrelenting maelstrom of destruction, doom and damnation. The story is told in a tightly woven narrative reminiscent of the world of Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, and Arrow of God and the battle-laden epic of Elechi Amadi’s The Great Pond; and told so well with deep psychological insight and cultural authenticity that it seems difficult attributing it to a boyhood imagination.

ISBN 9789789182268 | 214 pages | 229 x 152mm | 2015 | Kraft Books, Nigeria | Paperback




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