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The World of Women

Travelogue: Tanzania

by Elisabeth Thorens, Carin Salerno

The World of Women is a new collection to discover the world through the eyes and experiences of women. It brings to light the unique role and contribution of women in their country. The first edition on Tanzania includes: a map that presents four touristic destinations of the country with brief descriptions of the greater geographic, economic and cultural contexts. These presentations will help the readers to understand the environment in which women live.

The stories Women tell their stories their daily lives, dreams – in the first person. Beautiful photos and original illustrations capture the places where they live and work. “Coups de coeur” “Must see” experiences for the visitor, including the addresses of women-owned hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, etc. New themes, economic sectors and culture. Women talk about coffee harvesting in the Kilimanjaro region, creating jewellery in the Maasai land, seaweed harvesting in Zanzibar, Tinga-Tinga painting in Dar es Salaam, international criminal justice in Arusha etc. Experts offer additional insights.

Éditions d’en bas in Lausanne, Switzerland, is the leading publisher for “The World of Women” collection in collaboration with Women in action Worldwide WaW, an NGO based in Switzerland whose goal is to promote the socio-economic empowerment of women across the world. “We believe in the power of women for the development of our community and of our country. We are agents of social and economic progress. We are successful Tanzanian women and want our stories to be known and be inspirational to our sisters.”

ISBN 9789987753246 | 198 pages | 215 x 165mm | Colour Photographs and Maps | 2015 | Mkuki na Nyota Publishers, Tanzania | Paperback




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