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The Woman of Yenagoa & Other Poems

by Wellington Nwogu

"In The Woman of Yenagoa & Other Poems, Wellington Nwogu depicts love as an essential thread that holds nature and human relationships. He presents a panoramic view of love via the lens of romantic and platonic love, and stresses its importance as a recipe for peaceful co-existence."

-Humphrey Ogu, Poet, Playwright, Short Fiction Writer & Journalist; Vice Chairman, Association of Nigerian Authors, Rivers State branch.

"Wellington Nwogu writes from a place of genuine and revered love for mankind, humanity, and its diffusion of history and values... he expands his views on the limitless power of poetry in defining humanity within the merits of words and the seizure of reflections... The book is hallowed in its substantive title, The Woman of Yenagoa & Other Poems: a unique whimsical love treatise that re-engages humanity and inspires the constructive will of our essence."

-Chi NDù ÈfóGò, Storyteller & Poet, & Author of Oh Son Of Dust. Programme Director, ACCW'SW PH Media.

"The Woman of Yenagoa is a masterpiece of the usual poems of Dr. Nwogu. I would simply describe this as a classical romantic collection... Nwogu is driving to the contemporary pattern of rhythm that touches the soul and sorts grievances with rare panacea...Nwogu's style of writing is uniquely contemporary creativity stance. His choice of literary devices remain reputably symbolic. The sequence of their application is worth the applause."

-Adi Wali, Author of Tears of Bereaved, and State Chairman, Association of Nigerian Authors, Rivers State.

ISBN 9789786020716 | 98 pages | 210x148 mm | 2023 | Purple Letters Publishers, Nigeria | Paperback




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