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The Unspoken Crime Scenes

by Harlord Ankwasa

In the shadows of silence; where pain resides, where stories of strength and survival collide, we gather the courage to give voice and speak, to dedicare these words, both bold and meek. To the souls who've been broken, their spirits scarred, to those who've suffered, their lives left marred, this page we offer, a solemn space, to honour your resilience, your unwavering grace. For the victims of sexual violence, we raise our pen, to echo your stories, again and again, we stand with you, in solidarity, in this pursuit of justice, to set you free. In these verses, we strive to shed light, on the darkest of truths, concealed out of sight, to expose the wounds that fester and ache, to confront the demons, their power to break. May these words ignite a fire, fierce and bright, to dismantle the systems that perpetuate the night, to challenge norms that silence and shame, to forge a path where healing can reclaim. We dedicate this book, with reverence and care, to the survivors who've battled, the ones who dare, to demand justice, to fight for change, to transform a world that's cruel and strange. Let these poems be a testament, a heartfelt plea, to embrace compassion, to ensure we see, that every voice, every story, every tear, matters deeply, and we hold them near.This dedication stands, a beacon of hope, for those who've suffered, unable to cope, we offer our hearts, our words, and our might, to stand as one, to bring forth the light.

ISBN 9789913963602 | 266 pages | 210x148 mm | 2023 | Author Crafts, Uganda | Paperback




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