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The New EU-ACP Partnership

Consequences for Eastern and Southern Africa

edited by Francis A.S.T. Matambalya

The series Political Dialogue Studies takes up topical issues that are directly or indirectly relevant to political dynamics in Tanzania. This first publication in the series analyses the new partnership agreement between the EU and ACP states signed in June 2000, and governing the next twenty years. The ideas presented emanate from a critical observation of the dynamics of EU development policy and the pertinent developments in the international system. The author assesses the viability of, and the practical options for, regionalised co-operation between the EU and the economies of the Eastern and Southern African sub-region as envisaged in the framework agreement. Through detailed study of the Lome Convention and the pertinent global developments, the author examines the implications of regionalising EU-ACP co-operation for the Eastern and Southern African states within a broader context. He makes concrete suggestions from the analysis as to the future shape of co-operation.

ISBN 9789976973846 | 84 pages | 254 x 178 mm | 2001 | Mkuki na Nyota Publishers, Tanzania | Paperback




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