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The Mystery of Taiwo Da Sailva

Love, voodoo, and power play

by Omoruyi Uwuigiaren

Methuen, according to her ex-husband, is a bloodsucker, unholy and a cold-hearted murderer. Her boyfriend, Taiwo, is seeing another woman. Methuen is angry. She sees this as betrayal and wants revenge. Taiwo is ready to damn the consequence and go against the unstable enchantress. But not being prepared for what was to come could lead to his demise. When Methuen learns Taiwo has shocking plans not to marry her, she sets out to show him what she is capable of. To her, it is life or death. He must marry her or face an unimaginable catastrophe. She invokes demons from her voodoo shrine to go after him. If she doesn't have him, no woman will. Will Methuen succeed? Why is she desperate to marry him?

ISBN 9789786075723 | 148 pages | 2024 | Human Change Communications Company, Nigeria | Paperback




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