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The Faith Moves South

by Steven Paas

This book provides a succinct historical overview of Christianity in Africa. It is written in the tradition of the existing studies of indigenous and indigenised Christianity on the African continent, considered from Southern perspectives, such as those by F.J. Verstraelen, Ogbu U. Kalu and J. Hildebrandt.

Topics covered include: early centres of Christianity in Africa – in Egypt and North Africa; early configurations of traditional religion, Islam, and early Christianity; Nubian and Ethiopian Christianity: archaeological findings, decline and survival; Africa and the early Portuguese missions; Africa and the Dutch until 1800; Africa and the British until 1885; Christianity in west, southern and eastern Africa before 1900; missions and colonialism; the Church in independent Africa; faith missions; unity and cooperation; the contemporary Christian church in Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe; the Pentecostal and Charismatic Churches; and the position of women in the African Church.

ISBN 9789990876659 | 288 pages | 229 x 152 mm | 2006 | Kachere Series, Malawi | Paperback




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