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The Elves And Other Stories

An Anthology

by Mike Sounou Mensa, Emmanuel Appiagyei, Stanislaus Degboe

Nana Yaw is having a tough time managing his home. With a runaway wife and children who are only interested in playing, there's no end in sight for lowering his stress levels. Grandma is around to help but how he wishes the children could develop a bit of interest in house chores. Is there any hope of things turning around for this family? 

King Gorilla has a trusted friend but can he really be trusted? What happens when his trusted friend wants the very throne he is occupying? 

When Mawuli and his kid brother could hardly do much about their frequent lateness to school he suggests to his struggling father to buy them bicycles. With a meagre income and huge responsibility how will this dream be realised?

ISBN 9789988346508 | 32 pages | 234 x 156mm | Colour Illustrations | 2023 | Education Logistics (Gh) Ltd, Ghana | Paperback




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