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The Choice

by Juma Mwamgwirani Mwakimatu

Mria is a secondary school student who is in love with David, a young man from her neighbourhood. David is a promising law student. Their relationship seems idyllic but is put under strain when David brings up the issue of pre-marital sex. Despite her love and fondness for David, Mria is against it. She has goals in her life, including graduating from secondary school; she refuses because she is afraid of becoming pregnant and being forced to quit school and give up her dreams. 

This novel, by newly-minted author Juma Mwamgwirani Mwakimatu addresses this timeless issue which faces adolescents time and again as they take their first steps from childhood platonic intimacies into the larger world of adult relationships. e author deftly portrays the pressures suffered by Mria and David, and surprises with the twists and turns of the narrative as the young pair face the choice between love and disreputable behaviour in this moral tale.

ISBN 9789987081622 | 148 pages | 198 x 129mm | 2015 | Mkuki na Nyota Publishers, Tanzania | Paperback




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