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The Aporia of Unnamed Things

Poems, Drawings and illustrations

Aporia of Unnamed Things is a collection of poem fragments, drawings, and illustrations. As the title presupposes, there are not titles in this collection of both the drawings and poetry, and also the poetry that accompanies the artwork is never meant to describe what the drawings are about, but acts as inspiration the drawings give the poet. Here the poet and the artists converse, not to find any agreement but just to highlight viewpoints. I believe that’s what every discussion tries to achieve. So the author refuses naming the drawings, cancels any naming that happens in the poetry. It is on the reader to name the drawings or what the poetry might mean. Of course the collection deals with a gamut of human, artificial, physical and natural issues.

ISBN 9781779331434 | 108 pages | 216x216 mm | 2024 | Mwanaka Media and Publishing, Zimbabwe | Paperback




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