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Star Reverse

by Linda Ann Strang

Verbal precision is the best way to describe this compelling and daunting collection, where poetry and all the known demands of writing poetry are constantly deconstructed. In a no-nonsense approach devoid of self-pity, Strang utilises wry acerbic humour coupled with a fine technical skill to debunk commonly held perceptions on an array of topics including femicide and gender-based violence, physical and mental illness/death, childhood and aging, sex and sexuality, and armed conflict and political violence. It is a complex, brilliant volume of poetry blending the intellectual with the intuitive, utilising an array of inter-texts including fairy tales, the tarot, the Bible, and art in various forms, interwoven with primordial wisdoms and mythology.

ISBN 9781991209139 | 100 pages | 210 x 148mm | 2022 | Dryad Press, South Africa | Paperback


eBook ISBN: 9781991209146


“A stellar constellation of poems that invites us in, yet challenges us with Escheresque views and inventive avatars. The writing delights in the unexpected, evident in unusual adjacencies of word, sound and idea, and in an imaginative intellection that slides between acerbic humour and depth. Strang brings us the strange in poems that venture across mythic, mysterious and material repertoires, leaving a bold juxtaposition of the (meta)realities of mental and physical illness, and of political and gender-based violence.”

Sally Ann Murray, Professor of English, Stellenbosch University



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