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by Abdul Rasheed Na'Allah

The main strength of this well written play is its dialectical blend of religious and political education, with an unmistakable revolutionary intent. Woven intricate but unobtrusive dialogue, with palpable images of light and darkness, fusing theocracy with politics in a palpable, simple and lucid lyrical tone, Na'Allah has given us a new play which proposes a new path to social liberation in which manipulative partisan politics is unequivocally unmasked. The wedlock proposal which comes at the end between the radical Mariama and the cleric Aafa is instructive of a future in which love and moral rectitude, shorn of external material trappings, becomes the defining features of social, just polity of our dream.

ISBN 9789785669046 | 60 pages | 229 x 152mm | 2019 | Malthouse Press, Nigeria | Paperback




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