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SADC Gender Protocol 2012 Barometer

edited by Loveness Jambaya Nyakujarah, Colleen Lowe Morna

The 2012 SADC Gender Protocol Barometer is the fourth annual tracking report of regional performance against the 28 targets of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Protocol on Gender and Development set for 2015. The Barometer is an independent civil society initiative that draws on country reports by researchers and experts from each SADC country. Researchers updated country information based primarily on secondary research data and interviews with relevant stakeholders. The regional barometer goes hand in hand with the accompanying 2012 country Barometers for all 15 SADC countries available online or CD Rom. This year's barometer has two key new features. The first is Chapter 11 on Gender, Climate Change and Sustainable Development. While SADC is yet to adopt an Addendum or additional articles to the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development it is important to begin monitoring progress using the draft document that civil society is using to canvass SADC and Member States.

ISBN 9780986988028 | 368 pages | 280 x 210 mm | Colour Illustrations and Colour Photographs | 2012 | Gender Links, South Africa | Paperback




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