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Runyakitara of language studies

A Guide for Advanced Learners and Teachers of Runyakitara

edited by Oswald K. Ndoleriire

This book is intended for a wide readership, ranging from students in secondary schools and teacher training colleges to language teachers at all levels of education. It should also be useful for language students and lecturers in institutions of higher learning as well as researchers in languages and related areas. Due to the nature of the readership, language theories are applied sparingly.

This book endeavours to cover the major areas of language study as they relate to Runyakitara. They range from phonetics and phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, translation and interpretation, including the orthography of Runyakitara.

In Uganda, the mutually intelligible languages or dialects that make up Runyakitara include:

• Runyankore, to which should be associated sub-dialects such as Ruhima, Ruhororo, Runyaruguru, Rutagwenda and to some extent Rukooki.

• Rukiga, to which should be associated such sub-dialects as Runyaifo, Runyangyezi, Rusigi, Ruhimba, Rugyeri, Ruheesi, and Runyabutumbi.

• Runyoro, to which should be associated such sub-dialects as Ruruuli, Runyara, and Rugangaizi.

• Rutooro, to which should be associated such sub-dialects as, Rusongora, Rutuku, Runyakyaka, Orutooro rwa Hansozi and Lubwisi.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), we have Ruhuma and Ruhema.

In Tanzania we have Runyambo, Ruhaya and Kikerewe.

ISBN 9789970611003 | 290 pages | 254x178 mm | 2020 | Makerere University Press, Uganda | Paperback


eBook ISBN: 9789913603072



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