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Rage and Bloom

by Lena Grace Anyuolo

Rage and Bloom is Anywolo's debut poetry collection, and boldly confronts the excesses of capitalist exploitation, the internal contradictions of leftist, revolutionary organizing, sexism and patriarchy, etc. Anyuolo is exhilarating talking about love and friendship, optimism, and futures built on care and solidarity. This collection is a riot of work.

 A poet of rare power. The poems are distinct, unique, hard and beautiful in their own way. Sheering in their honesty and vision. The best, rawest, most vital poetry I have read in a long time.

Leo Zeilig, author of The World Upside Down.


Anyuolo achieves what few poets today can... creating poems that grip and linger in your imagination on end...

Peter Kagayi Ngobi, author, The Headline that Morning.

ISBN 9789913620062 | 76 pages | 210x148mm | 2022 | Editor House Facility, Uganda | Paperback




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