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Prison Graduates

A Drama in Four Legs

by Efo Kodjo Mawugbe

The Prison Graduates was the winning play in the English as a 2nd Language category of the BBC World Service/British Council International Radio Playwriting Competition 2009. The play is a political satire set in Ghana, and talks about serious issues on a light note. It highlights situations in Ghana and Africa as a whole; these include young and energetic people paying huge sums of money to go abroad to seek greener pastures, and the hospitals where ‘cash and carry’ method is practiced. The situation where churches are corrupt and the congregation is naïve... Efo makes us laugh at our folly, whilst realising that we are all part of the challenges our countries face, and can contribute to the solutions.

ISBN 9789964705381 | 96 pages | 178mm x 127mm | 2015 | Afram Publications, Ghana | Paperback




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