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Post-Referendum Sudan National and Regional Questions

edited by Samson S. Wassara, Al-Tayib Zain al-Abdin

This study attempts to understand national, regional and continental dimensions of the unresolved issues that could result in the escalation of conflict in the Sudan. It examines internal dynamics of the Sudan after secession of the south and how these dynamics might affect neighbouring countries in the geopolitical regions: the Horn of Africa, the Great Lakes Region and Central Africa. A section is dedicated to dynamics within South Sudan as a new state. Post-conflict South Sudan as country was marked by extreme poverty, lack of infrastructure and prevalence of inter-communal armed violence.

The book proposes possible policies to prevent the country from descending into a state of economic and social chaos. The argument is posited that equitable and rational transformative socio-economic programmes and policies could greatly reduce potentials for conflict. Policy makers are called on to pursue policies that could lead to concrete projects planned to alleviate poverty and provision of basic social services such as education, health, and safe water. The book comes to the conclusion thatpolitical stability will depend on collective actions of stakeholders to ensure that peace prevails both in the north and the south to guarantee human security in the region.


ISBN 9782869785885 | 232 pages | 229 x 152mm | 2014 | CODESRIA, Senegal | Paperback




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