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Peach Country

by Nondwe Mpuma

With exquisite clarity and poise, Nondwe Mpuma's debut collection guides us through dreamscapes of ritual, harvest and destitution - of tornado-stricken villages, mythical beings, and the eternally evanescent promise of love. Grounded by understated and precise verse, Mpuma weaves together the spiritual and the natural with effortless, imagistic flair. In Peach Country there is celebration, mourning, meditation, prayer, exploration, impatience and joy; throughout, however, Mpuma maintains an open-eyed wonder at the entirety of existence, viewed from her particular, and particularly enchanting, corner of the world.

ISBN 9780620986885 | 56 pages | 203 x 133mm | 2022 | uHlanga, South Africa | Paperback




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