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Pala Pala Killer

by Peter Lewenstein

The second in a series of crime novels by long-time BBC Africa editor. After twenty years working on the popular BBC World Service radio programmes Network Africa and Focus on Africa, Peter Lewenstein has switched from facts to fiction. But the stories he tells are no less real. His protagonist is Patrice Le Congo, a Congolese human rights defender who’ll leave no stone unturned in his efforts to expose injustice, corruption, and criminal conspiracy. In Pala Pala Killer, a park ranger dies in mysterious circumstances in a Cameroonian rain forest. It seems his death is linked to a land dispute between local farmers and a palm oil plantation. But there's been a cover-up. And a hidden hand is at work, stirring up trouble … These are crime stories from Africa with a global political dimension.


"A gripping story. And credible at every level. Pala Pala Killer is a work of reality fiction - all of it could have happened - addressing issues that should be of interest to all readers"- John Stockwell, author of NYT best-seller In Search of Enemies

ISBN 9781919625652 | 392 pages | 203x127mm | 2023 | Get Real Books, UK | Paperback


eBook ISBN: 9781919625676



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