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Ozongombe mOmbazu ya Kaoko

Cattle Culture of the Kaoko Ovaherero

by Jekura Uaurika Kavari, Ephraim P. K. Tutjavi, Ngungaa Hangara

Ozongombe mOmbazu ya Kaoko/Cattle Culture of the Kaoko Ovaherero honours indigenous Sanga/Nguni cattle and their cultural and agricultural significance to the Ovaherero and increasingly to other cattle-breeders. The book introduces Otjiherero vernacular names for a wide variety of hide colours and patterns, horn shapes and ear notches in cattle, illustrated with over 300 colour photographs and drawings which give it the practical value of a bilingual field guide.

In depth information on the role of cattle in Ovaherero history and society, way of life, rites of passage, omens, taboos, worship, battle, and techniques of husbandry will interest students of agriculture, veterinary science and anthropology. The book also documents cultural concepts and practices inaccessible to the layperson and many urbanized Ovaherero, but which are still current among cattle-keepers in the isolated region of Kaokoland. This timely record preserves not only cultural information but language terms which otherwise could be lost within the coming generation.

Even a brief glance through its pages will serve to show the wonderful richness of Ovaherero cattle culture.

ISBN 9789991642536 | 184 pages | 234 x 156mm | Colour Photographs | 2020 | University of Namibia Press, Namibia | Paperback


eBook ISBN: 9789994557370



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