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Non-essential Humans

Essays on Governance, Run and Survival in Covid-19 Uganda

by Yusuf Serunkuma

Non-Essential Humans, is both a critical documentation and commentary on the world that Covid-19 created. It focuses on the diametric, but supposedly harmonious ways in which the state on the one hand, and the governed on the other, responded to their progressively altering and scary worlds. While the Ugandan state ventured wantonly, ordinary folks-the so-called "vulnerable poor"-struggled to cope, survive and understand the anti-Covid measures that were not only scientifically inexplicable, and terribly inconsistent but also disconnected from their local context.

 ... these essays are a serious, authoritative, brutally honest, beautifully written, and thoroughly readable critique of the real world of our politics ...

Robert Spin Mukasa, Editor, The Observer.

ISBN 9789913620055 | 164 pages | 198x129mm | 2022 | Editor House Facility, Uganda | Paperback




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