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Nigeria Corruption Perception Data

by Babafemi Badejo

Nigeria grapples with a profound governance challenge—a leadership deficit entwined with pervasive corruption both of which undermines necessary answers to an unfavourable external dynamics. Babafemi A. Badejo, a seasoned political scientist and former senior United Nations official, delves into this pressing issue with meticulous research and insightful analysis amplifying the views of Nigerians. In understanding corruption in Nigeria, Badejo presents findings from a groundbreaking survey conducted among 1,500 Nigerians from diverse backgrounds. This raw report captures the pulse of the nation, reflecting on citizens' perceptions and recommendations regarding corruption and governmental interventions. From the intricacies of corruption within the three arms of government, three levels of governance and the three sectors of society: public, private, and social as well as its gender-specific nuances, this study provides a comprehensive examination. Badejo reveals the stark realities taced by Nigerians across all geopolitical zones, shedding light on the urgent need for effective anti-corruption measures. Drawing on decades of experience in conflict resolution and political analysis, Badejo's work offers strategic insights into combating corruption. The study shows the importance of transparency, accountability, and public engagement in restoring faith in governance. With clarity and expertise, Badejo's work calls upon all stakeholders to unite in the fight against corruption.

ISBN 9789787856185 | 58 pages | 210x148 mm | 2024 | Yintab Books, Nigeria | Paperback




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