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Modernisation of Luganda Terminology in the Field of Linguistics

by Saudah Namyalo

This book is based on the observation that Luganda's current lexicon is inadequate when it comes to the expression of scientific concepts that exist in a wide range of specialised fields and forms of discourse. The illogical, unsystematic and inconsistent approach to the development of Luganda linguistic terms currently in use indicates that the modernisation of Luganda scientific terminology is done without a model that guides a terminology elaborator's thinking in the process of creating terms. Based on this observation, this book provides a decisive examination of the history of terminology development in Luganda especially in the field of Linguistics. It proceeds to develop a comprehensive model which guides the terminology elaborator's thinking and a style manual which provides a framework for a systematic expansion of the Luganda lexicon. The style manual is anchored on five pillars: Definition and analysis of a term, a standardised rendition of English expression elements into Luganda through the extrapolation of word forms and inventing new affixes, term formation mechanisms, the analogue rule of naming and the evaluation and acceptability mechanism of a new term. Using both the model and the style manual, 300 linguistic terms in Luganda are coined and tested for acceptability. These terms constitute a potentially acceptable corpus of 300 Luganda linguistic terms which can be used in the teaching and learning of Luganda at both secondary and tertiary levels.

ISBN 9789970611010 | 210 pages | 210x148 mm | 2019 | Makerere University Press, Uganda | Paperback


eBook ISBN: 9789913603065



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