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(Mis)Management of Sub-Nationalism and Diversity in "Nations"

The Case of Buganda in Uganda, 1897-1980

by Godfrey Berinde Asiimwe

The book revisits the complexity of the "modern nation" building project of African countries like Uganda, over pre-existing entities like Buganda. Through discourse analysis, the work historically unravels the intricate interlaces of self-preservation agency from the dawn of the new order through the supra "nationhood" architecture. It engages dominant narratives and streamlines critical analysis of the rationale and strategies of sub-nationalisms against the enduring challenge of nation-building. The work underlines the pivotal question of how a new 'nation' or kingdom could coexist with multiple, alternative claims to the loyalty of putative citizens. It interrogates the use of power, players and statecraft machinations through the complex matrix of nation-building projects. From a political economy approach, the work shows the stifling strategies of power holders, albeit with impactful re-battle. For this book, the story of Buganda in Uganda is compellingly illuminative.

ISBN 9789913603010 | 186 pages | 210x148 mm | 2022 | Makerere University Press, Uganda | Paperback


eBook ISBN: 9789913603157



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