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Metaphors of Love


by Wellington Nwogu

" amorous interplay of words themed on love and its multifaceted expressions between the sexes. In his Metaphors of Love, Nwogu proves himself as a phenomenal poet who makes love with words."

-Ebidenyefa Tarila-Nikade, PhD, Author of Ebiama-The Gloryland.

"Metaphors of Love is Wellington Nwogu's bold accomplishment of attaining the literary sublime... this poetry collection loudly proclaims that Nwogu is a force to contend with in the art and field of literary writing."

- Baribor Joel Lebe, PhD, Literary critic, and poet.

"Wellington Nwogu's Metaphors of Love resonates the undying, healing and soothing Post hope Tore, in the face of despair, pain, uncertainty and loneliness in a world that has lost hope for a man."

-Chioma Uwandu-Mordi, PhD Researcher, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom.

"Words come so simple like air to this poet, Wellington Nwogu; of love, of love, of love in his Metaphors of Love...all making a basket gift of fine lines which penetrates the soul."

-Amarachi Attamah, Griot, Ethnographer, & Performer; Syracuse University, New York.

"Nwogu is no more in stiff lamentations over ravages of his Niger Delta, as he did in some of his other collections. He, therefore, sings love, in this invigorating new frontier: 'I will take you to the world of words where love metaphors matter most, than sad songs and nightmares. Love, as 'pen-fully portrayed here, overcomes all human pains and trauma."

-Chief Anthony N.Abagha, Poet Laureate, MD/CEO, Whizkids Publication Limited.

ISBN 9789786020709 | 104 pages | 279x210 mm | 2023 | Purple Letters Publishers, Nigeria | Paperback




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