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Men of Double Shadows

by Wellington Nwogu

"The degree of clarity and disposition of the playwright is commendable. The play Men of Double Shadows by design ventilates the cruel nature of man in a changing world... This is a promising literary piece."

- Okon, Sunny Akpan, Lecturer, Akwa-Ibom State.

"Men of Double Shadows teaches what happens when a society remains aloof to evil men. It took a young Christian to bring the reign of OKUNAMP| and his two friends to an end. It is a lesson in contemporary Nigeria that the just should resist the evil wherever and whenever they appear."

-Nze Okechukwu Uwaekweikpe, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, Zenith Newspaper, Umuahia.

"It is beautiful to see Wellington Nwogu's passion for the theatre translated into script, with a theme worth more than a cursory attention.

-Prof. Kontein Trinya, Ignatius Ajuru University of Education, Port Harcourt.

"This 'little' treatise is a pad that will launch Wellington to the sky of the literary world. My prayer is that he does not allow his pen to dry for whatever reason. A new giant is born!"

- The Rev'd. Canon Chuka Opara, Director, Federal Ministry of Information, Rtd.

ISBN 9788785605382 | 68 pages | 297x210 mm | 2016 | Purple Letters Publishers, Nigeria | Paperback




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