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Lulu Ya Bara

by Innocent Masengo

Everyone goes through personal life experiences. Those experiences are often intertwined with other people's experiences with whom a person is walking the challenging journey that life is. It is those shared experiences that resonate with the experiences of other communities, both near and far.  The poems in the book Lulu ya Bara reflect the writer's own experiences and his interaction with people within the Ugandan environment, and how these experiences expand further to reflect the African experience. The Ugandan experience interacts, and also overlaps with that of an East African, which in turn resonates with that of other Africans elsewhere. Every African, wherever they are on the African continent, will be able to relate with the considered themes in the poems in this book. Besides eliciting valuable lessons, the aim of the poems is also sheer entertainment and reflection for the reader. The kind of benefit to the reader will depend on the lens with which they will view the poems or the platform on which they will stand as they read the them. Either way, the writer's objective will have been achieved.

ISBN 9789970611096 | 138 pages | 210 x 148 mm | 2021 | Makerere University Press, Uganda | Paperback




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