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Lover Brine

by Rosabelle Boswell

Some claim that love is an emotion that is wholly human. It is an emotion that is shared between human beings. In this anthology I propose some variations, the idea of love between humans and nature, the nature of that love and the complexities that arise from such love, since we, as thinking humans, presume to know how love might unfold and how it should be expressed. The poems suggest that, in nature and for the ocean in particular, there are other forms of loving. The anthology offers imaginings of love between humans and the sea, as well as imaginings of love between the sea and elements such as the sand, the shore and stars. I suggest novel reciprocities and imaginary responses from nature that exceed our human expectations of love.

ISBN 9789956553457 | 64 pages | 203x127 mm | 2024 | Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon | Paperback




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