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Living with the Unexpected

Cultivating Joy in the Midst of Multiple Challenges

by Grace Alexander-Abimbola

Living with the Unexpected: Cultivating Joy in the Midst of Multiple Challenges is a gripping watershed account of a mother whose life journey unexpectedly took another turn to coping, caring and becoming the life support for her son. 

It talks about the unexpected news a mother had to deal with when told about the disabilities of her son and the need to be on medications for the rest of his life, which all know would have adverse effects on the sufferer.

This book showcases the fact that whatever life throws at you, you have the singular responsibility to each turn it around to advantage or do otherwise.

It is a book on the strength of motherhood; laughing by remembering the days we cried and crying by remembering the days we laughed. This is a story of hope, that in the Master Potter's hand, even the most shattered objects can become beautiful again.

ISBN 9789787979143 | 86 pages | 191x140mm | 2024 | Impeccable Publishing, Nigeria | Paperback




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