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Lake Victoria and Riparian

Cultural Practices Enhancing the Sustainability of Natural Resources

by Obiero Ong’ang’a, Charlotte Anyango Ong’ang’a

Dr. Obiero Ong'ang'a and Dr. Charlotte Anyango Ong'ang'a, a dynamic father-daughter duo, bring a wealth of expertise and knowledge to their respective fields.

Dr. Obiero Ong'ang'a, as the Founder and Executive Director of OSIENALA (Friends of Lake Victoria) and Radio Lake Victoria 92.1 FM, has dedicated his career to environmental conservation and community development. With his extensive background in Management, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Planning, Grant Writing, and Business Strategy, he has made significant contributions to the preservation of Lake Victoria and the sustainable development of the region. As an accomplished author, his book "Lake Victoria: Ecology, Resources, Environment" stands as a testament to his deep understanding of the subject matter.

Dr. Charlotte Anyango Ong'ang'a, with a Ph.D. in Linguistics, brings her expertise as an Educator and Career Development Specialist. With a strong background in teaching and conducting linguistic research, she has a profound understanding of textual analysis, discourse analysis, pragmatics, and semantics. Her dedication to supporting students in their job search needs has empowered many individuals to navigate the complexities of the professional world. Together, Dr. Obiero Ong'ang'a and Dr. Charlotte Anyango Ong'ang'a combine their diverse areas of expertise to create a powerful synergy. Their shared passion for education, career development, and environmental conservation drives their work, making a lasting impact on individuals and communities alike.

ISBN 9781738702411 | 166 pages | 216 x 140mm | Colour Photographs | 2022 | Gianis Publishers, Canada | Paperback




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