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Kenda Mũiyũru

Rũgano rwa Gĩkũyũ na Mũmbi

by Ngugi wa Thiong'o

One particular night, Ngugi suddenly woke up
He felt like the eyes of his heart had been opened  
He had got a revelation
He went to his living room and took a pen.
He started writing this story about Gikuyu and Mumbi
And their perfect nine.
So this is not history, it is a revelation;

A revelation of love
A revelation of hope
A revelation of perseverance
A revelation of bravery
A revelation of knowledge

Now, engross yourself in this book
Get to know about Gikuyu and Mumbi
And their perfect nine
Learn about the beauty of the perfect nine
Their physical and mental health, and their hearts.

ISBN 9789966563828 | 146 pages | 210 x 148 mm | Colour Illustrations | 2018 | East African Educational Publishers, Kenya | Paperback




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