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Joan Wicken

A Lifelong Collaboration with Mwalimu Nyerere

by Aili Mari Tripp

Many people have wondered about the life-long relationship between Joan Wicken and Julius Nyerere, Tanzania's stalwart and founding president. This book provides the first in-depth window into the life of this British woman, who was in many ways Nyerere's staunchest and most loyal supporter. She was his personal assistant, speechwriter, confidant, sounding board, and friend.

Finally in her own words, Wicken tells us about getting to know Nyerere and their decades' long collaboration. Readers will find out how she came to play such a significant role in Nyerere's life and, in essence, the building of Tanzania. She tells us much about the man as a person and how he experienced events in the country after Independence and leading up to his death.

In this interview with Aili Mari Tripp, Wicken talks about her early life and how she became Nyerere's personal assistant. Tripp shows us a side of Joan Wicken that very few would have seen. Her wit and dry humour is on display as she discuss the Mwalimu she served for almost 40 years and the country she called home for most of her adult life.


ISBN 9789987753857 | 234 pages | 152x102mm | 2023 | Mkuki na Nyota Publishers, Tanzania | Paperback




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