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Hip Hop Kru Zade

Path beyond clichés

by Wilfred Kanu Jr.

Try to uncover the truth before forming misconceptions about people based on prejudice, ignorance, or cliches. What constitutes Hip Hop Culture? Hiphop is a refined way of living. It's a global civilization. What influences its language, cuisine, and entrepreneurial drive? How did Hip Hop originate, and who were its earliest trailblazers? Why does it face prejudice? Is playing loud rap music or creating diss tracks enough to be considered a Hiphoppa? Does rapping imply a degenerate? Who is a skilled lyricist?

What does cultural graffiti represent? Who is considered a DeeJay? Do fans, Emcees, and adherents of Hip Hop always have to conform to criminal, exploitative, and rebellious archetypes? Those who listen to rap are devoted to hip hop; above all, TRUE Hip Hop enthusiasts embrace it as life! Prejudices against those who embody Hip Hop's Cultural mindset reveal a narrow-mindedness on their part. But what are the harmful aspects of this global community? Do they include misogyny, homophobia, materialism, and chaos?

How does the origin of all things black tie into Hip Hop's cultural heritage? Is it accurate to say that individuals who turn to a life of crime are a product of social and economic marginalization stemming from poverty caused by racism and discrimination? Can Hip Hop be a form of political and social activism? In a multi-billion-dollar global music, fashion, and commerce industry, the lifestyle associated with this Culture, rooted in the inner cities and suburbs of New York, Los Angeles, London, and Paris, has spread worldwide.

How can rap lyrics accurately depict their communities' living circumstances without promoting death and destruction? The author explores this philosophical work of art by possessing a precise understanding and consciousness of these realities. "Hip Hop Kru Zade: Path Beyond Cliches'," the 50th Anniversary Edition of Hip Hop, has been reissued by Badson Publishing and Swift Nightz Music Society. This re-edited, and revamped edition is in collaboration with the African Book Collective and was published in Berlin, Germany.

As he has done previously, the author, Wilfred "Freddy Will" Kanu Jr., has published this title along with the accompanying studio album, "Laboramus Expectantes," to coincide with its release. This epic paperback is not only a striking addition to any bookcase or living room decor but also a faithful retelling of the Hip Hop Culture's history, evolution, and principles, as seen through the eyes of Freddy Will —an indispensable must-read for die-hard Hip Hop fans and truth-seekers looking to delve into this ever-changing civilization.

ISBN 9798893729054 | 188 pages | 234x156 mm | 2024 | Badson Publishing, Germany | Paperback


eBook ISBN: 9798893728071



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