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Harsh Realities

by Connie Jean Aremu

Connie Jean Ama Abeni Aboagye Aremu is Ghanaian by birth. She is an old student of Wesley Girls High School, Cape Coast, Ghana. She went to England to study for her A Levels and then read law in 1964. She met Dr. Latif Oladepo Aremu of blessed memory in London, fell in love and got married to him in August 1969. She has been living in Nigeria since 1975 and considers her husband's home town of Iwo, Osun State, as her own home town, where she attends the Church at St. Stephen's Anglican Church, Onilete, every Sunday after Holy Communion Service in Ibadan. She has previously published three books, viz: The Criminal Responsibility to Homicide and Supernatural Beliefs, A Rhapsody of Essays on Nigerian Law and A Portia Comes to Judgement. She has three surviving children. One of her children passed on in 1994 and is missed everyday. Harsh Realities is the story of the author's love affair with her late husband. The book chronicles the tortuous passages a woman has to go through in marriage.

ISBN 9789789212439 | 170 pages | 210x148mm | 2023 | BookBuilders Editions Africa, Nigeria | Paperback




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