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Guerrilla Incursions into the Capitalist Mindset

Essays with Focus on Kenya 1979-2023

by Shiraz Durrani

Guerrilla Incursions into the Capitalist Mindset is an unprecedented collection of over 60 essays, interviews, petitions and letters as well as poems and short stories flowing from the pen of Shiraz Durrani. It is a treasure trove of truths that has so far been obscured by the information vacuum created by capitalism and its sister, imperialism. By reprinting out-of-print material, and bringing to light limited access information, this book supplies a new language for understanding and articulating our realities. This collection not only recovers and recollects the remnants of previous displaced history but also makes alternative ideas and experiences available. Remarkably, it sets the record straight by establishing a historical link between the arrival of the trade union movement from India through Makhan Singh, who began calling for independence in 1950, to the Mau Mau war of independence in Kenya led by Dedan Kimaathi, and the subsequent clash between socialism and neo-colonialism, which claimed the life of its champion, Pio Gama Pinto.


“Sizzling with Shiraz Durrani’s experiences as a librarian, writer, exile, teacher and publisher, this book has the potential to become a major mobilising force for those who want to chart a different future from the empty inheritance that flag independence has delivered. The essays in this volume, spanning over 40 years, take the bold and important step to democratise information about history and politics but also to unequivocally state there is an alternative to imperialism and capitalism. They are an important beacon for building a foundation for informed democratic dialogue on information, politics and public life.”


ISBN 9789914970197 | 466 pages | 299x152mm | 2023 | Vita Books, Kenya | Paperback


eBook ISBN: 9789914970180



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