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Educated Internationally, Hired Locally

by Charlotte Anyango Ong’ang’a

This book serves as a comprehensive guide for internationally- educated immigrants seeking to establish a fulflling career in Canada. It delves into essential aspects of job search, career management, and addresses key challenges faced by new immigrants, including navigating foreign-sounding names, survival employment, and their impact on career development. With extensive experience and international credentials, many immigrants arrive in Canada with high aspirations. However, they often find themselves trapped in survival jobs. This book offers practical insights on how internationally-educated immigrants can proactively shape their careers, explore alternative paths, and thrive in their new home. By providing valuable strategies and resources, this manual empowers readers to overcome obstacles, leverage their unique skills, and build successful and rewarding professional lives in Canada.

ISBN 9781738702404 | 136 pages | 216x140mm | 2023 | Gianis Publishers, Canada | Paperback




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