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Crime Rhymez

by Wilfred Kanu Jr.

"Crime Rhymez" is the tenth-year commemorative edition of Freddy Will's debut publication, "My Book of Chrymes," providing a detailed account of his independent career. After his debut album's release, it delves into his journey from 2009 to 2019, highlighting significant milestones. Through vivid examples, the artist's evolution is showcased. Gain insight into him, ultimately arriving at a greater appreciation for his artistic creations, literary career, and each song featured in this book.

Experience the captivating facets of Grammy-nominated artist & author Freddy Will's musical journey. Discover his exciting coverage that led to "The Sandmann's Journal." How did he become the first musician honored with four exclusive postage stamps by Sierra Leone? This book not only delves into his musical journey but also highlights his role as an inspiration to many others. His ultimate purpose is to encourage fellow musicians to persevere in sharing their authentic stories.

This title also recounts Freddy Will's arduous upbringing and the development of his artistic abilities amidst the chaos of abuse, two civil wars, and a short stint as a refugee in West Africa. The poignant lyrics in the accompanying album and EP were inspired by the turmoil he endured. Embark on this melodic odyssey through the tumultuous events from those harrowing experiences in the United States, Canada, and Belgium that nearly ended his artistic career. This is his musical biography.

Wilfred was given a fresh start after he emigrated to the United States, where he was naturalized. Nevertheless, there was post-traumatic stress disorder even after his incredible survival. In his new life, he set aside his artistic goals to focus on branding himself as Wilfred "Freddy Will" Kanu Jr. He made up for lost time by engaging in emotional healing, practicing forgiveness, and taking ownership of past mistakes. Years later, in Canada, he poured his heart into literary writing This tenth-anniversary edition looks closely at the events that unfolded after the story's conclusion in "My Book of Chrymes." His infamous Grammy nomination, when he recorded "City of Kings Reloaded" in Toronto, Canada, and "Views from the 7" in the Kingdom of Belgium. Acting as a guide, this publication unveils the lyrics of "While I'm Still Young -The Talking Drums," documenting his musical endeavors in Africa, the United States, Canada, Belgium, and Germany.

It expresses his viewpoint on what liberated him from the oppressive weight of obscurity. "Crime Rhymez" updates fans on Freddy Will's artistic journey as an independent emcee and literary author while he resides in Berlin. In the most enigmatic moments, he evokes his primal instincts from Africa, unearthing The Theatre of Literary & Performing Arts. The lyrics encompass his introspection into his most remarkable and captivating escapades, which were kept concealed.

ISBN 9798894438412 | 262 pages | 234x156 mm | 2024 | Badson Publishing, Germany | Paperback


eBook ISBN: 9798894808314



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