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Because of my Mouth

A Play

by John Fokwang

Nchuyekeh is a vivacious and inquisitive adolescent girl who finds a freshly cut head on her way to the farm. Convinced that the head responded to her question, she abandons her original mission and resolves to report her peculiar encounter directly to the chief, despite her mother’s protests. Would the talking head vindicate and save her from the dreadful sentence that awaits her at the chief’s palace? Would such punishment, if meted be commensurate with her offence? Find out Nchuyekeh’s fate in this short play that promises to entertain while raising vexing but pertinent questions about the fate of the modern African adolescent.

ISBN 9781942876571 | 58 pages | 280 x 216mm | 2020 | Spears Media Press, Cameroon | Paperback




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