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African Theology in Images

by Martin Ott

This is a revised and updated edition of the comprehensive study of the role of art in the process of inculturation in Africa, first issued in 2000. The study is a substantial contribution toward a theology of inculcation in Africa, and enriches the debate on indigenous African and Christian artistic traditions. It represents the first systematic theology constructed in and from Malawi that establishes a theology of symbolic expression in Africa.

Contents: Theology of Inculturation: Taking Stock; Christian Art in Africa. An Overview; The Kungoni Art Craft Centre: History, Persons, Works; African Christian Art: A Systematic Analysis; Religious and Culture in Malawi: The Anthropological Perspective; Catholics in Malawi: A Historical Overview; Encounter in Images: The Dialogue between Malawian Life- Experience and Christian Faith; Creation in Myth and Faith in Creation: A Theology of Home; 'God-talk' in Images: toward a Malawian Theological Concept of God; New Life in the Kachere Tree: African Images of Christ; New Life in Community: the Trinitarian and Ancestral Roots of the African Church; and Keeping in Step with African Life: Sacraments, Values and Ethics.

ISBN 9789990881219 | 608 pages | 229 x 152 mm | B/W Illustrations | 2006 | Kachere Series, Malawi | Paperback




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