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A Field of Wars

by Wellington Nwogu

"Apropos, the poet's play on words with his title, A Field of Wars as he compares the necessity of certain wars to the farmer who must wage war on weeds. In this wonderful book, Wellington affirms that 'until the foundation of falsehood is shaken by iron hands, until weakness challenges strength, we will not partake in the blessings of the benevolent dew!' The book, therefore, abounds in metaphors giving clever examples of the need to fight for what is right, plus the vital need to be brave."

-Liz Mastin, Author of Lake Dancers; Cour d'Alene, United States.

"In A Field of Wars, Wellington Nwogu draws on familiar images of chaos and agony, to explore different sociopolitical upheavals that characterise Nigeria and elsewhere. With simple and rhythmic lines, Nwogu strikingly conveys an urge message that borders on redemption from social ruins."

-Stephen Kekeghe, Ph.D, Joint winner, ANA Prize for Poetry, 2021.

"Wellington Nwogu's A Field of Wars transports the reader to the realm of consciousness unto battling against whatever troubles his people as it reflects on the hope and victory that comes thereafter. Nwogu is a great poet that gets under your skin and sticks there like a tattoo."

-Jerry Langdon, Editor of Raven Cage Zine, Germany.

"In trying to find the fleeing home in the ashes and history, Wellington Nwogu interrogates the impacts of loss and hope. His direct and disarming voice is engineered by raw sincerity. He inimitably paints the rotten edifice of grief in our hearts with simple words."

Umar Yogiza Jr. Award-winning poet.

ISBN 9789785494914 | 80 pages | 279x210 mm | 2023 | Purple Letters Publishers, Nigeria | Paperback




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