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Chû nnâna 202 nì Chû Mɨ̀ŋgâkà bô Jɨ̀ŋglîshì

202 Proverbs in Mungaka and English

by Alfred Willibroad Daiga edited by Emma Yeluma Daiga

This collection of proverbs drawn from the folklore of the Bali Nyonga comes on the heels of many publications that have recently come to light about Bali culture by native and expatriate scholars. It indicates the ever-growing interest writers have shown and continue to show in the dynamism of a unique ethnic group with a two-century-old history marked by chivalry and conquest.

The proverbs testify to the migratory trajectory of the Chamba from their motherland in the plains of the Adamawa mountain ranges southward through the Tikar regions and the Bamileke grasslands to their present site in the southwest of the Bamenda Grassfields - a trajectory fraught with danger, resistance and wars which in turn spurned a culture of conciliation, human dignity and statesmanship.

ISBN 9781957296203 | 82 pages | 216x140mm | 2023 | Spears Media Press, Cameroon | Paperback


eBook ISBN: 9781957296210



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