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“Climate Change is not a Myth - it is Real”

Essays and Paintings by Malawian Learners and Students on Climate Change and its Impacts.

edited by Matthias Rompel, Sara Lüttich

Climate change constitutes a harsh reality for the people of Malawi. The frequency of extreme climate events continues to rise. Altered rainfall patterns, droughts, and tropical storms have become a part of this new reality. Among the most recent of these extreme weather events is Cyclone Freddy, which struck south-eastern Africa in early 2023 with unprecedented severity, leaving devastating effects: citizens lost their livelihoods, and tragically, some even lost their lives. This latest cyclone serves as a stark symbol of the far-reaching impact of climate change. As one of the world's poorest nations, Malawi bears an exceptionally heavy burden in the face of climate change. It stands particularly vulnerable to the repercussions of the global climate crisis, suffering disproportionately from its effects. These impacts are felt across all areas of society.

This book strives to foster a vibrant discussion around climate change and its far-reaching impacts in Malawi. It presents insights into climate change through the eyes of the nation's youth and delves into the various dimensions of climate change's influence on everyday life, as seen through the experiences of learners and students in Malawi.

ISBN 9789996080289 | 124 pages | 216x280 mm | 2023 | Luviri Press, Malawi | Paperback




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